The latest technology for your business

We understand the difficulties and frustrations that most businesses face when it comes to running your operations with limited choices of High Speed Internet. TekFinity is determined to bring these services to the areas where other companies won't budge to expand.

We have a variety of options available to you based on the size of your business and how many computers and/or servers you are managing. We have standard plans to suit the smaller businesses, and we can provide customized solutions to enterprises, schools, government entities, and beyond.


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An internet service that is reliable and flexible

We understand that the internet is one of the most essential tools used by businesses today. As technology continues to evolve and your business relies on a higher performing and more reliable network we partner with you to deliver a scalable and secure Internet service by providing:

  • Flexible bandwith options
  • Broad coverage and availability
  • Simple pricing, contracting and ordering process
  • Fast installation on-site